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With innovative, creative, and balanced applications of our treatment process, we are leading the industry and pioneering a new wave of recovery.

We know you’ve tried. We know you’ve tried before. And we’re here for you as you try again- and THAT is what matters. Your journey to recovery has already begun with your visit to our site. The desire is already there! So take the next step and come with us on a journey of a lifetime and let us help you rewrite the narrative as you take back control of your own story. 

Normally that’s a pretty empty statement- but here it’s true! With our progressive approach to addiction treatment and world class staff, we understand that each individual walking through the door has a story. That story, like spirals that make up our finger prints, is unique- so why shouldn’t treatment be any different?!


Say goodbye to a one size fits all approach to recovery. Here, we cater to the individual- at NoHo Recovery we cater to YOU

At NoHo Recovery, we put our clients first.  

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So don’t hold back. Take the leap of faith and try something different. We understand how hard, lonely and scary this time in life may seem- but you’re not alone

We at NoHo Recovery are ready and here for you- right now. 



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