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Gina Wright

Group Counselor

With over 2 years dedicated to our program, Gina Wright started with NoHo Recovery as one of our House Managers. Gina quickly moved up in the company as her talents were recognized to serve a much greater purpose. Ms. Wright was then positioned as one of our Case Managers before moving into her current position as the lead of NoHo Recovery’s Quality Assurance and Documentation Department.

Ms. Wright has assisted in putting certain policies into action and has had the pleasure of watching the company grow and evolve into what it is today.

“Working with this field [recovery] has always been a rewarding challenge and I look forward to seeing our company grow, reach, and ultimately help more people. It always is a welcoming environment. My co-workers and I feel like a family, and as I look to the future of NoHo- with the team we have now, the opportunities are endless”

Gina Wright
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