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Our Community

When we enter into a healthy community, we become healthy as well. Iron sharpens Iron. NoHo Recovery is a high vibrational community. Nobody can tell you how to change, but we can SHOW you a different way of being, and you might just realize it’s the thing you have been looking for all along.

Group Nature outings

Reconnecting and immersing with nature is a thorough healing experience. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also heightens one's senses, and boosts spirituality. This is why we offer trips to Malibu beaches, hiking experiences, great food and more. On our weekly outings into Nature we explore the trails and beaches and break bread together.

Breathwork Pool Parties

Drugs are not the only way to alter your consciousness! By consciously tapping into our normally unconscious breathing patterns, we can connect with the intuitive healing intelligence of our subconscious and greatly influence our emotional state. Talk about getting high on your own supply!


"Today I have a year off of doing drugs and I have so many people to thank but mainly Noho Recovery for helping me when I was at my lowest. A year ago I was homeless and shooting fentanyl. Noho gave me hope and belief in myself and something greater than myself. They assisted in helping me find new habits, embrace spirituality and learn that I am good enough. Chris and Narek have helped me more then I could ask for. I just needed one more chance and they gave that to me which made me see I could give these things to myself. Love you guys. You have truly helped me turn my life around and I couldn’t be more grateful."

- Samantha